Frequently Asked Questions

How far ahead do I need to order a cake?

Of course we would love as much notice as possible but for a Prairie Girl Collection cake, our minimum ordering time is 3 days. Once a day is fully booked, it will be blocked off and no further orders taken for that date.

For a custom cake, the advance notice is at least two weeks and usually longer. Please email our Catering Coordinator at for further information.

How do I order a cake?

Our PG Collection cakes can all be ordered online, or if you prefer to order a PG Collection cake by email, phone or in person, simply get the process started by sending a note to our Catering Coordinator at or call her at (416) 504-2253 extension 103.

For a custom cake, you may wish to meet in person with our Catering Coordinator to discuss your vision. Contact her for an initial discussion by email at or call her at (416) 504-2253 extension 103.

Is an in-person consultation required to order a cake?

To order a cake from the PG Collection, no consultation is required although if you would like one, we will be happy to accommodate that. Our PG Collection cakes can all be ordered online or by email or phone. To discuss ordering a PG Collection cake or setting up a consultation, email our Catering Coordinator at or call her at (416) 504-2253 extension 103.

For a custom cake, a consultation may be the most convenient way for your vision to come to life. Contact the Catering Coordinator for an initial discussion by email at or call her at (416) 504-2253 extension 103.

Is there a consultation/tasting fee?

Yes. We require a $25 fee to book your consultation/tasting date and time, and the consultation is limited to a maximum of four people. The fee will be applied against the cost of your order. During a consultation we will provide samples of any cakes and fillings that you’d like to taste, and discuss all aspects of your cake order.

How do I know the size of cake I need to order for my event?

Our smallest cake serves 10 guests with the largest online cake serving up to 125 guests. Larger cakes are available by custom order.

The number of tiers for each size of cake is below, and you can also click on the attached document for a diagram of each cake:

10 servings (1 tiers: 6”)
20 servings (1 tiers: 8”)
30 servings (2 tiers: 5”/7”)
40 servings (2 tiers: 6”/8”)
50 servings (2 tiers: 7”/9”)
60 servings (3 tiers: 5”/7”/9”)
80 servings (3 tiers: 6”/8”/10”)
110 servings (3 tiers: 8”/10”/12”)
125 servings (4 tiers: 6”/8”/10”/12”)

Please see the servings chart here.

Do you require full payment at the time of ordering a cake?

Yes. All cakes are paid in full upon the order being placed. We provide a refund for an order cancelled up to one week before the order date, less a $35 administration fee

What cake and filling flavors do you offer?

We offer the same delicious flavors as our cupcakes at Prairie Girl Bakery. Cake flavors are: Red Velvet; Chocolate; Vanilla; Carrot; and Banana. Filling flavors are: Vanilla Bean; Chocolate; Cream Cheese; Strawberry; Lemon; Peppermint and Peanut Butter.

Do you make gluten free cakes and fillings?

Yes we do. All of our fillings are naturally gluten free, and our cake recipes can also be made in gluten free. Because we only have one kitchen, we cannot guarantee against cross contamination, however, we do our best to take every precaution in keeping our gluten free ingredients and baking process separate from our regular baking.

Do you make vegan cakes and fillings?

Because buttercream can only be made with butter, we do not offer vegan options of our cakes.

Can I include some cupcakes, brownies, tarts or cookies in my cake order?

Yes, it is easy to do so! If ordering your cake with our Catering Coordinator, she will be happy to speak with you about our full PGB menu and take your order for any baked goods.

When ordering a PG Collection Cake online, after ordering your cake simply indicate you’d like to “keep shopping” and you will be directed to the Prairie Girl Bakery ordering page where you can order our cupcakes in 3 sizes, brownies, blondies, tarts and cookies as well as our popular Celebration Cakes (butter icing-frosted cakes with a piped message or an edible image. When you have finished shopping, your entire order will be calculated together.

Do your cakes contain nuts?

We use peanut butter and a variety of tree nuts in our products. Although not all of our cakes and fillings use these ingredients, due to the dangers of cross contamination, a person with a nut allergy should avoid eating PGB cakes and other products.

Can you tell me about your delivery service and the area it includes?

We offer a delivery service in three zones – click here to see map. The fee is $20 for single tier cakes of all types, and for two or more tier cakes, the fee is $65 in Zone 1 and 2 and $75 in Zone 3.

Because of the number of deliveries our delivery person makes each day, although we can’t confirm an exact delivery, we can confirm that an order will be delivered in your choice of these windows:

Monday to Friday:
9-11 am
11- 1 pm
1-3 pm
4-6 pm

10- 12 noon
12-2 pm
2-4 pm
4-6 pm

The cost and availability of deliveries beyond our delivery area must be discussed with us in advance to ensure we have the delivery capacity and that your order arrives safely and on time.

Fully Booked Delivery Windows

When we reach our delivery route capacity for a given date, our commitment to reliable customer service requires us to close deliveries, either for an entire day or one or more of the delivery windows. If a different date is not an option, you can consider an alternate delivery method, however, we are not able to assume responsibility for those private delivery arrangements.


We do not arrange for couriers and if you choose this option, please make sure that the courier service you book is aware of the delicate and perishable nature of the cakes. If you ask us to do so, we can chill the order before its pick up by the courier to help in its safe delivery.

Helping Us to Serve You Better!

When ordering a PG Collection cake online, help us make your delivery perfect by providing as much information as possible when placing your order - use the Comments box to provide information about your loading dock location and its access, buzzer codes, and contact information for a person at the delivery location.

Please note that we cannot leave cakes on doorsteps or other open locations without your express permission to do so.

Delivery Map

Delivery Map